Measurement of ZnP (Zinc-Phosphate) Coating

The measurement task on the stabilizer sample is the verification of the length of the furrows on the surface as well as to quantify the solidity ratio of the ZnP-layer.

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In this measurement report, we describe the use of the Bruker Alicona µCMM to quantify the coverage of a ZnP (Zinc Phosphate) coating applied to a car suspension component. The measurement of the coverage of a ZnP coating on a critical automotive component showing the effectiveness of the technique in this environment. The coating is applied to protect the component from corrosion when in use to avoid failures caused by the effect of liquids (e.g. saline when salt is used on roads) and dust. These failures can be very costly and dangerous and, as a result, the coverage and voids of the coating are important and need to be verified. With Optical Metrology the ratio of the ZnP-layer in relation to voids can be characterised (solidity ratio).

Although in this case the measurements relate to the Automotive sector the Measurement process can be applied to any component from any sector.

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