EDM or laser? Highest possible precision & effiency in manufacturing

Speaker: Mark Raleigh | Managing Director, EDM Intelligent Solutions

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It is a controversial debate in industry: Are laser processes increasingly replacing EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) technologies? Mark Raleigh from EDM Intelligent Solutions shares this opinion only to a limited extent. He still sees applications where EDM is the better technology and combines the strengths of the tried and tested with the advantages of the new technique. Consequently, he increases both efficiency and product quality in production by applying highest possible machining precision and machining speed. In this interview with Bruker Alicona General Manager Christian Janko he highlights the differences and similarities between the two processes and explains the metrological challenges he sees in the quality assurance of relevant component characteristics.

>>>> This video was recorded at the Bruker Alicona TechDays 2021 - find all videos here.

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