Accuracy and usability of the µCMM coordinate measuring machine

Speaker: Franz Helmli, Stefan Lehmann | Bruker Alicona

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Measurement accuracy when verifying complex geometries and high usability are typical requirements that users place on a measuring system. In this session, R&D Manager Franz Helmli will present how Bruker Alicona meet these requirements in relation to the features and possibilities offered by our optical µCMM coordinate measurement system. The focus of this session will be a presentation of MetMaX operator software, which is designed to ensure that users do not need to have any special metrology knowledge to perform robust measurements. This session features measurement planning in CAD, measurement automation as well as reporting functionalities. Accuracy and measurability of complex geometries will be illustrated with a connector measurement. This measurement clearly shows how the two technologies, Focus Variation and Vertical Focus Probing, interact here and enable the precise, optical 360° measurement of components with vertical walls.

>>>> This video was recorded at the Bruker Alicona TechDays 2021 - find all videos here.

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