International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Bruker Alicona wishes all female employees a happy "International Day of Women and Girls in Science"! On the occasion of this day proclaimed by the United Nations, women and girls at the Austrian headquarters and at the international sites were brought before the curtain. Read more here!

Anita Janisch, Software Developer, Customized Solutions, Austria

"At Bruker Alicona, I am mainly responsible for the AutomationManager, a software that started as a special solution and has now become a very important main product in our company. But I also do special AliconaInsight evaluations for customers, and since last year, Python plugins for MetMax too. Furthermore, I am mainly responsible for the Pick&Place software which is used to automatically clamp parts into the measuring system, to start the measurement plus evaluation and then put the parts down again, depending on the validation. After gradulation from high school, I studied automotive engineering and started working for Bruker Alicona right after that. The cool thing about technology is to develop new products and subsequently develop them further and see that they make the customers' daily work easier." 

Talia Rodkey, Applications and Support Engineer, USA

"I work as an Applications and Support Engineer at Bruker Alicona in the US. This is my first job at Bruker Alicona. As part of the Customer Care team, my main responsibilities include: measuring and reporting on samples sent by potential customers, traveling across North America to calibrate our systems, install new systems and train customers, and providing technical and application support in the metrology field.This field is challenging and there is always something to learn. For me, the coolest part is meeting so many people that all have different expertise. I love meeting people for one and learning from people is a special bonus.What attracted my interest in science and technology is that it seems like the possibilities for human technological developments are infinite. My goal is to continue learning and teach more people on the intricacies of metrology so that it can be used as a tool for innovations in various industries."


Claudia Repitsch, R&D Software Department, Austria

"I work in the R&D software department of Bruker Alicona. My activities include software development/programming as well as scientific publications and research proposals. I studied Technical Mathematics at the Graz University of Technology, focusing on Business Mathematics, Statistics and Operational Research. My interest in these topics started in maths classes at high school. There are always exciting problems to solve in technology, because the state of the art is changing all the time, which means that new challenges are constantly arising."

Kerstin Zangl, Software Developer, Austria

"I studied Technical Mathematics at the Graz University of Technology where I also completed my PhD in the field of image processing. After my graduation, I  joined Bruker Alicona as a software developer. Today, I am also working on scientific publications at Bruker Alicona. As an IP and standardization expert, I closely work with our R&D Manager Franz Helmli in the field of international standardization, supporting him in ISO activities and being actively involved in the development of the new VDI/VDE standards series 2654 for cutting edge characterization."

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