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The applications of optical 3D metrology are manifold. Read more about where Alicona optical 3D metrology is still used.


Dimensional metrology for forensic applications

 Check out the following material to find out more details on optical 3D measurement solutions used in the field of forensics.


Optical 3D metrology for forensic applications

See how high-resolution optical 3D metrology is used to associate tools with specific toolmarks

Learn more about:

  • how to verify surface topographies of toolmark impressions made by firearms and common hand tools like screw drivers
  • how to easily measure land engraved areas of bullets and cartridges or striation patterns on chisels
  • how to provide 3D data which is then processed with state-of-the-art statistical pattern recognition algorithms and
  • how to use the data in court settings to help court officers and juries approach a more objective verdict.

Application Note

The use of Focus Variation for Ballistic Toolmark Investigation

See how Bruker Alicona InfiniteFocusG5 is able to acquire the full topography of the cartridge cases through a combination of modular light settings and a small depth of focus. Furthermore, a comparison is also shown between data from the previous generation G4 InfiniteFocus and the current G5 showing substantial advancement in the system and technology.