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GF AgieCharmilles: How to strengthen the market position as complete supplier

Jean-Paul Nicolet,
Head of Marketing and Sales Support for new technologies

“Our machines for mold and tool making are widely used for manufacturing high precision micro components. There is currently no other measurement device for our customers I can think of that is more suitable for the measurement or the quality assurance of machined workpieces. In return, measurements from InfiniteFocus demonstrate the high precision and quality our machines.”

A joint project by Alicona and GF AgieCharmilles has shown that InfiniteFocus enables the supplier of precision machines to offer a complete solution for the entire production chain in the field of laser texturing. InfiniteFocus is used to scan and digitalize natural surfaces. This texture is then applied to mold components via laser texturing by GFAC. This competitive advantage is to be extended to the business areas EDM and milling technologies.


With InfiniteFocus GF AC also offers a solution for digitalizing surfaces

Having Alicona as a partner, GF AgieCharmilles is a qualified supplier for the entire production chain. This includes the digitalization of natural surfaces and quality assurance of the final machined component.



Materials such as leather, silk or other surfaces

The 3D data of the measured surface, provided by InfiniteFocus, are transferred as Grayscales data file and finally applied to the final parts via laser. The high resolution 3D measurement is the basis of being able to produce a mold component with a surface texture that looks and feels as close as possible to the origin material, thanks to GFAC laser technology.



EDM and milling technology

GF AgieCharmilles increasingly manufactures in the micrometer through to the nanometer range. With InfiniteFocus, GF AC verifies the accuracy of its precision machines through high resolution surface measurement of the machined workpieces. Both measurement of dimensional accuracy and surface roughness measurement are performed. Particularly in tool design GF AC also benefits from the ability to measure geometries with complex forms.

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