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Cassidian: Reduction of material and labor costs

Initially Cassidian intended to purchase a measurement device for failure analysis. It did not take the areospace and defence enterprise long to realize the great potential InfiniteFocus has to offer in different areas and today this potential is fully exploited. Typical applications, other than failure analysis, are incoming goods inspection and the verification of high surface quality for customers. 

Incoming goods inspection, failure analysis and avoiding customer complaints

High resolution measurement of geometry and surface finish is performed to verify the manufacturer's information and identify defects prior to further processing. The surface quality of components is determined with a numerical measurement in order to avoid unsuitable and expensive materials in production. A thorough report that includes practically oriented visualization and easy to read measurement results, verifies compliance with the agreed specifications and the stipulated surface finish. Since this was introduced, customer complaints at final inspection of aircraft are reduced to a minimum. 


Titan, high strength steels and fiber composites 

Varying components, many of which have complex forms, are measured. Measurements include radii, threads, diverse angles and roughness. Since Cassidian uses InfiniteFocus, surface characteristics are measured that in the past were either difficult to access or could not be accessed at all. These include root of a thread and thread flanks of a gear drive. Surface damage of various sizes and dimensions are measured, even on round components. 

Gregor Heichler,
project engineer in the area of non-destructive material testing

"Due to its high flexibility, InfiniteFocus had paid for itself within the first year. Initially the system had been purchased for failure analysis and for measuring the depth of the damage. However, it soon became apparent that the measurement device is universally applicable. Today we operate across departments which makes both quality assurance and development more comprehensive, and at the same time, easier and more efficient." 

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