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Cutting edge defects, high wear, long machining times or unsatisfactory results on drills, milling cutters etc. are challenges with which manufacturers are confronted. The optimal tool and machining parameters can be determined with optical 3D metrology.



Applications of optical 3D metrology in the tooling industry:

>> Cutting Edge Preparation

Measuring the real edge, automated chipping measurement, automated roughness measurement


>> Roughness in the flute

Roughness in the flute informs about the amount of resistance the chip has during its evacuation.


>> Cutting Tool Geometry

Outer diameter, Core diameter, Helix angle, drill tip angle, Rake angle, margin, webs


>> Definition of correct machining parameters such as feed rate and cutting speed


>> Quantifications of droplets for improved coating process


>> Full form measurement with Real3D technology

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How optical 3D metrology can help to identify the correct tool and machining parameters of cutting tools

Wear Measurement Animation

Wear Measurement Module

Automatic Wear Measurement on Cutting Tools

The wear measurement is an extension of the Bruker Alicona measuring systems for optical cutting edge measurement. Users automatically measure differential parameters and wear parameters according to ISO 8688 (Tool Life Testing in Milling), such as flank wear.


Controlling tool quality on the shop floor

Watch our webinar that was held in cooperation with OSG, one of the world's leading manufacturers of shank tools.

In this webinar you will learn more about the optimization of your systems through optical 3D metrology:

  • Quality assurance of drills, cutters and threading tools
  • Automatic tool edge measurement 
  • Round tool geometry and roughness
  • New measurement solutions
  • Data exchange with ERP/QM systems
  • Shop floor automation


Webinar: Controlling tool quality on the shop floor
Measurement Report: Reliable tool quality control

Measurement Report

Reliable tool quality control

Get to know how international tool manufacturer OSG uses Alicona metrology to ensure high quality tool performance. To analyse the tools, the following parameters are measured:

  • the optical measurement of edge radii of all four cutting edges at defined positions relative to the tip
  • the optical measurement of profile roughness along one of the edges to identify chipping
  • the optical measurement of surface roughness inside the flute

White Paper

Are your cutting tools competitive?

Users of drills and milling cutters often complain about edge defects, rapid wear, long machining times or unsatisfying results on the workpiece. In most of the cases, failures can be attributed to the tool’s incorrect surface finish or lack of know-how. The following white-paper “Are your cutting tools competitive” shows how optical 3D measurement technology can help to identify ideal tool and machining parameters and thus meet customer requirements.

White Paper: Are your cutting tools competitive?

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Read how our customers use optical 3D measuring systems in their quality assurance.

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