Full form measurement

Real 3D

Using Real3D, users measure surfaces from numerous perspectives. Single measurements are then automatically merged into a full 3D dataset. High-precision and calibrated rotation and tilt axes ensure automated, repeatable and traceable measurement of form and roughness on the whole measurement object. Users are able to visualize and measure surface features such as diverse flank angles, thread pitch and undercuts.

How Real3D works

The component is measured at various rotation and tilt angles. Based on the registered true color information of each measurement point, the single measurements are transformed into a joint coordinate measurement system. The single overlapping measurements are then precisely merged into a complete 3D data set.

Real3D Optical Fusion Measurement

Fusion Measurement

Individual measurements are merged into a full 3D data set

Single measurements from various positions are automatically merged into a 3D data set. The Real3D technology allows the visualization of the component from different angles plus a measurement of contour, difference and form.

Contour Measurement

Analysis of even complex profiles

Users measure angles, distances, circles, incircles, circumcircles, thread pitch etc. from every position. In addition, the contour measurement module includes roundness measurement. Even complex profiles of e.g. along a helix are measured.

Real3D Optical Contour Measurement
Real3D Optical Form Measurement

3D Form Measurement

Measurement of flat and curved components

Operators measure regular geometries and curved surfaces. Automatic fitting of spheres, cones and cylinders allow the visualization and form measurement of tools and other components. Also, deviation from target geometry becomes clear.

Difference Measurement

Verification of form deviation

Difference measurement is used to numerically compare two different geometries. A typical application is the measurement of wear before and after use of a cutting tool. Also, users measure form deviations to a CAD-dataset or reference geometry. The module is also used in the field of Reverse Engineering.

Real3D Optical Difference Measurement