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„What do I measure?“ not „How do I measure?“

This is the core thinking behind MetMaX, the µCMM operating software. Thanks to this evolution, users do not need any specific metrology knowledge to perform robust measurements with the µCMM coordinate measuring machine. MetMaX contains all the necessary knowledge on how to acquire and evaluate 3D data.

When the CAD data set for a component is loaded and aligned, operators can use a simple mouse click to select which GD&T or PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) parameters to measure. MetMaX automatically configures the ideal measurement strategy for an optimized 3D measurement of the part. The software automatically calculates probing directions, tilt, rotation angles, and travel paths in XYZ. Before measurement starts, a virtual simulation ensures a collision-free measurement sequence. The measurement is started by the operator with a click and is fully automated. Once the 3D measurement is finished, data is automatically analyzed. If, for example, form deviations are to be verified, the µCMM equipped with MetMaX software chooses which geometric form (cylinder, plane, sphere, etc.) must be fitted. A reporting system gives an ok/not ok report.

In our opinion, measuring systems must not only be able to measure components with the necessary accuracy,

but also record and evaluate data at any time and independently of the knowledge or experience of the operator.

MetMaX algorithms possess optical metrology expert knowledge  

MetMaX takes the µCMM to a new level of metrological performance. Algorithms behind MetMaX are the result of our 15+ years of experience, knowledge and technological expertise in the field of optical measurement. Today, this knowledge offers the possibility to use a high-precision optical measuring system to improve production. Users no longer need to overthink their measurement strategy. MetMaX algorithms take care of this process for them. The µCMM optical coordinate measuring system is not “only” a metrology device to measure complex geometries with high precision based on a robust areal measurement principle; it also is a planning and reporting measurement system.

In combination with MetMaX operating software, we implemented our holistic definition of a production-ready coordinate measuring system. It goes beyond the basic requirements of measuring process capabilities to define production suitability where the operator is included.

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