FOCUSvariation 2020

Magazine about dimensional metrology & surface roughness measurement


Our FOCUSvariation magazine is published biannually and covers trend topics in optical metrology. We take a look at current topics that move the industry from our perspective and present solutions that we offer. A constant in every issue is the chapter of user case stories. Users report from their practical experience about their measurement task, which Bruker Alicona system they use and which advantages they gain with Focus-Variation. 

In the new, 9th issue of the magazine about Bruker Alicona measurement technology
we especially focus on these TREND TOPICS:



Our automation options for networked manufacturing and digitization

Automation is more than the automatic measurement of roughness and shape parameters of a component. Automation means simple interaction between administrator and machine operator, intuitive order management, high measuring accuracy also in production as well as simple communication and networking with existing production machines up to the connection to an ERP and QM system. Here we present our tried and tested solutions.

Automated optical measurement solutions by Bruker Alicona



From “How do I measure?” to “What do I measure?”

This is the core thinking behind MetMaX, the μCMM operating software. Thanks to this evolution, users do not need any specific metrology knowledge to perform robust measurements with the μCMM coordinate measuring machine. MetMaX contains all the necessary knowledge on how to acquire and evaluate 3D data. 

MetMaX, the μCMM operating software by Bruker Alicona

Vertical Focus Probing

Lateral probing also works optically

Up to now, geometries such as bore holes of injection valves in the automotive industry were difficult to measure optically. The lateral probing of components with vertical surfaces was limited to tactile measuring systems, CT solutions or complex customized solutions. This changes with Vertical Focus Probing, an extension of Focus-Variation technology. Based on areal measurements, the optical probing of components over the entire surface is possible.

Lateral probing also works optically: Vertical Focus Probing by Bruker Alicona

User Cases: Our measurement devices in practice

Users report from all areas of precision manufacturing

MTU Aero Engines, Thales or Honda are just 3 of a series of new user reports. We let our customers from all over the world have their say in the fields of i.e. tooling, aerospace, automotive, electronics and medical & pharmaceutical.


User Case stories Bruker Alicona

Are you up for a short excerpt?

Read the editorial by managing director Christian Janko.
He talks about the opportunities that could arise from a change of perspective.

Bruker Alicona FOCUSVariation Magazine 2020

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