Automotive Industry

Applications & Measurement Solutions

High measuring accuracy and a significant reduction in the reject rate are decisive factors in increasing production efficiency. One way to follow a continuous improvement process is the use of high-resolution, optical 3D metrology.


Applications of optical 3D metrology in the automotive industry:

>> 3D Measurement

of fuel injection nozzles, measurement of valves, connecting rods and envelopes


>> High-resolution measurement

of valve seat roundness: deviations in roundness are capably measured even in the 1-2 micron tolerance range


>> Automatic cam inspection

evaluation of ridges and distance between laser lines


>> Failure analysis 

and development of materials for engine an d transmission components (e.g. corrosion, analysis of breakdown, measurement of spinning in angular gearbox, gear damage, 3D measurement of mulit-plate clutches and synchronizers)


>> Quality assurance

of sealing systems, contour measurement of synchronizer rings, car body and steel surfaces


Dimensional metrology to increase efficiency and quality of automotive components

Check out the following material to find out more details on applications with the InfiniteFocus G5, a highly accurate, fast and flexible optical 3D surface measurement system that combines dimensional metrology and surface roughness measurement in one system.


Valve Inspection

In this webinar you can learn more about high-resolution measurements and evaluation of valve seat roundness, where deviations in roundness are capably measured down to the 1-2 micron tolerance range and undulations (UPR) as well as surface texture of valve seats and sealing rings.

Webinar: Valve inspection
Publication Valve Inspection

Measurement Report

Valve Seat Inspection

The measuring object is a valve seat, measured with the InfiniteFocus G5 and an Advanced Real3D Rotation Unit. In order to analyze the valve seat, the following parameters are measured:

  • opening angle of the inner cone
  • concentricity of the cone axis relative to the axis of the outer cylinder
  • roundness of the sphere contact surface
  • diameter of the outer and inner cylinders

Measurement Report

Bipolar Plates

The form and dimensional accuracy of bipolar plates is critical and difficult to measure. Bruker Alicona 3D optical metrology solutions provide the ability to measure, without physical contact, these delicate components. For these measurements, the optical µCMM was used.

This measurement report was produced in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPT and AVL. 

User case

Dimensional measurement of valves reduces rejection

Precise measurement accuracy and significant reduction in rejection rates were the main reasons for Kendrion GmbH to choose Alicona. Using the optical measurement technology Focus-Variation, Kendrion is able to check the roundness of valve seats in a repeatable and traceable manner, for optimal sealing. This even applies to small valve opening angles and tolerances in the single-digit μm range.

USer case story with Kendrion