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The µCMM in an automated manufacturing cell

Optical 3D Metrology

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Watch our new vlog and get informed about new trends in the field of dimensional metrology and surface roughness measurement. We publish vlogs on various topics and provide insights into our company, our technology and new developments at regular intervals. Here you can watch our vlogs whenever you like.

Video blog overview:

    • The µCMM in an automated manufacturing cell:
      In this vlog, Christian Hamann from KLEINER Stanztechnik in Pforzheim, Germany, provides insight into a new automated manufacturing cell in which the µCMM from Bruker Alicona is essential for highly accurate qualitative measurements. KLEINER's clear goal for the future is full automation in the sense of Industry 4.0: "We hand over a blank to the cell, and at the end we receive a completely manufactured tool including a measurement report without any further intervention."

    • Requirements for production measurement technology: Today and in the future
      This time Urban Muraus, our Sales Director, welcomes you together with our R&D Manager Franz Helmli directly from the production facility of one our supplier, “Resch Production Technology and Prototyping”. Here, classics such as turning, milling as well as new technologies like additive manufacturing and reverse engineering are applied. We talk about requirements for measuring instruments in manufacturing, calibration, automation, tactile versus optical technologies for complex components and the future of manufacturing metrology: measuring in the machine.

    • Vertical Focus Probing: Lateral probing of components also works optically
      This vlog is all about our technology Vertical Focus Probing, which enables to measure flanks with more than 90° optically. See the measurement of a USB drive, a stamping tool and an injection nozzle. We also show you a new solution for the measurement of cooling hole geometry in the aerospace industry.

    • How Bruker Alicona measuring systems are manufactured:
      This time we would like to show you how our measuring systems are manufactured and take you to our production facility. Our experts Arno and Urban give you a guided tour through the individual production cells of our Headquarters. Learn more about our workflows and how hardware components become deliverable products.

    • Optical 3D measurement of cutting tools:
      In this Vlog Urban Muraus and Sandra Bergmann are discussing how Bruker Alicona is solving different measurement tasks on cutting tools. Learn more about edge preparation, surface finish and the overall geometry.

    • Bruker Alicona Cobot series:
      This time we focus on our Cobot product line. Our Cobot solutions combine a collaborative 6-axis robot arm and a robust optical 3D measurement sensor to deliver traceable and repeatable high-resolution measurements, even in production.

    • Bruker Alicona optical 3D measuring systems:
      Sales Director Urban Muraus and Head of R&D, Franz Helmli will introduce you to our products and their functions.

    • Bruker Alicona Technologies:
      Sales Director Urban Muraus and Head of R&D, Franz Helmli introduce you to our core technologies.

    • Welcome to Bruker Alicona:
      Managing Director Christian Janko gives insights into the world of dimensional metrology at Bruker Alicona.